Chef George Sheffer: Fueling the Cuisine of York, PA

Story by Michael Vyskocil for YRK Magazine

To experience the flavor of downtown York, you don’t need to look any farther than the city’s emerging restaurant scene.

We asked the chefs from our Autumn 2017 edition cover story to give us their thoughts on cooking for and serving in York’s culinary community. This week, we introduce you to Executive Chef George Sheffer of Victor’s.

With a degree from the Culinary Arts at the Yorktowne Business Institute, George Sheffer has worked in many restaurant kitchens. His experiences range from Disney World’s Wilderness Lodge and Artists Point to the Founder’s Inn, Swan Terrace Restaurant, in Virginia Beach, Virginia. In 2008, he joined the Victor’s team as its executive chef. Over the past nine years, Victor’s has received recognitions ranging from best Italian restaurant to best fine dining restaurant. At Victor’s, Sheffer and his team commit themselves to delivering fresh, cooked-to-order food.


Q: How did you get interested in cooking?
A: I started in my teens [at Victor’s] as a dishwasher. Cooking always interested me. Although I tried other avenues in my life, my true calling is the restaurant.

Q: What do you like most about creating your own recipes?
A: I have great satisfaction out of making signature items — and have guests constantly request to have them back on the menu.

Q: What do you appreciate most about dining in York?
A: Patronizing independent restaurants. I feel it’s most important to support the locals.

Q: What do you think makes York an attractive place for foodies?
A: I’m excited to see a new surge in restaurants and bars coming to the area. With our establishment being here for 33 years, we also want to find a balance in the menu from our staple items to pushing ourselves forward with new creative dishes.

Q: What’s one dining concept or cuisine you’d like to see introduced to York?
A: A traditional Asian noodle house or maybe a permanent Indian restaurant.

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25 Oct