You Can Have it Made Here

Writer Rachel Curry
Photographer Visual Impact Group & Bold Creative

Why York’s local businesses are becoming part of something bigger

When I walk through farmer’s market aisles, I feel a sense of camaraderie with business owners and fellow shoppers. I may not know the names of most of the people around me, but it feels like we all belong. All throughout York County, the network of local businesses feels much the same.

What does that say about York? According to Melissa Beaverson, Director of Destination Marketing for Explore York, it says one thing clear: Have it made here.

“You can have memories made here, history was made here, families and fun all can be made here,” says Melissa. And you can have your products and services made here, too.
This slogan, “Have it made here,” encapsulates what York is all about. When businesses begin to adopt this unified, county-wide branding, residents and tourists will be better able to spot and support local businesses.

Over the last year and a half, people have realized how impactful small businesses are across America and in our own county. If there were ever a time to embrace that heritage, it’s now.
For brands like Peter Danko Design, Gusa by Victoria and Taqueria El Camino, “Have it made here” resonates. And why wouldn’t it? The slogan carries that age-old dogma of the farmer’s market that practically says, “We’re happy you’re here. Come see what we’ve got!”

Imagine driving throughout York County and seeing billboards, signage, packaging and murals, all carrying this unifying slogan. To think your business or your favorite local spots are a part of that movement is an invigorating feeling. Plus, we’re all buyers, so relying on “have it made here” branding makes it easier to buy local.
At the end of the day, York is a place burgeoning with talent, innovation, and a whole slew of artisan-makers and local businesses. We’d all be remiss not to see just how much we have it made here.

YRK Perspectives

What is your hope for York County in the next five years?
“My hope for York County over the next five years is to see the community come together and embrace our county brand. It is more than just a logo, branded colors, and a tagline. It is a way for our community to show the world we are a welcoming destination that actively works together to make our area as accessible as possible to visitors.”
– Laura Gurreri, President, Explore York

Explore York
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Explore York
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