York, Pennsylvania: A Place to Live, Work & Thrive

Writer YRK Magazine
Photographer YRK Magazine

Since 2013 YRK Magazine has been sharing the stories of York Pennsylvania and it has truly been an honor. York is a special place and we are just grateful for being a part of shaping the narrative.

How has YRK Magazine help shape my perspective on York?
I picked up my first issue of YRK Magazine at a local pizza place. I was living in an apartment complex at the time.

I initially picked it up because the cover was so well designed. At first I couldn’t believe York could be as cool as this cover however I gave the magazine a chance. I started flipping through the magazine and was continuously surprised! All these cool places are right downtown? After that first issue I was hooked. As soon as my lease was up I found an apartment downtown and really started to fall in love with York, PA.

Rebecca Daubert, Executive Editor & Art Director

What was the most rewarding part of working on YRK Magazine?
Being able to collaborate with the local small business owners and entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life has been my favorite part of producing YRK Magazine. To date, we’ve published 30 time capsules that showcase the personalities, history, and future plans of dozens of people through an interpretation of their vision and ours. I’m so grateful so many people have put their stories in our hands and so graciously trusted us to do those stories justice.

Breanna Shorten, Publisher

What is your hope for York PA
It is my hope that York continues to build on the dynamic growth I’ve been privileged to witness firsthand over the last several years. The city and its people have so much potential, and despite the challenges that we have faced in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, I believe that the resiliency of York City, York County and its people will persevere.

For seven years, York, I’ve been blessed to have told your stories on these pages. Now it is your turn to write the stories of who you are and what you want to become. You all are the authors of your community’s story!

Michael Vyskocil, Former Managing Editor & Writer

“YRK’s mission is to share the stories of the people who make York County, Pennsylvania, a place where professionals and creatives live, work and thrive.”

Breanna Shorten, Publisher