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Writer Lauren Hayman
Photographer Eric Forberger

In Its Third Generation, Hayman Studio Adapts With Creative Services


It’s Tuesday morning, and Hayman Studio’s tightly knit, highly skilled staff meets in the old-dark-room-turned-retro meeting space. They’re brainstorming solutions: Throughout preproduction for an upcoming video shoot, they planned to feature a manufacturing client’s customer, but the customer has a family emergency, and the shoot is tomorrow. 

“We still have access to the customer’s products,” says third generation president, lead videographer and photographer Ryan Hayman. “We can shoot them in the Studio.”

“She was going to talk about their supply chain, right? Will 10 seconds of copy cover it?” copywriter Lauren Hayman asks.

“I can design the assets for the supply chain,” says creative director Elia Filippone.

“And I can animate them,” says lead video editor Alex Glass.

Account services director Melissa Beaverson emails the new plan to the client for approval. There’s no stress, no panic … only the Studio’s iconic attitude: direct, easygoing and professional, which Hayman sums up in one word, “adaptability.”

“One of my favorite lines on set, when something isn’t going as planned, is ‘adapt and overcome,” Hayman says.

Next year, Hayman Studio will celebrate its 70th birthday — a huge milestone. Only 12% of family businesses make it to the third generation, according to the Conway Center for Family Business. For Hayman, success has come in his family’s willingness to adapt and innovate with challenges brought by changing industries, evolving technology and individual projects. 

Hayman launched his big innovation in January: creative services. “Our team has always been a piece of our clients’ creative projects. We’ve watched hundreds of projects and identified what we liked and didn’t like.”

Hayman and his team have designed their process to hear what their clients need and execute their skills to bring energy and edge to their projects with that professional, easygoing attitude.

Whether it’s quick, efficient executive headshots or total overhaul of a website, report or brand, “Let’s make this easy,” Hayman says. He’s confident that with photo, video, and design, his team can always create exactly what his clients need.


Whats Your Flavor?

“Quality over quantity”

—  Ryan Hayman, President, Hayman Studio

Hayman Studio
  • 100 E. FOURTH AVE. YORK, PA 17404
  • 717.843.8338