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Skip The Shenanigans: Awesome Internet to Arrive in York

Writer michael vyskocil
Photographer John Williams

Internet access isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. The internet fuels business growth, stimulates communication and delivers entertainment. Why should internet access cost a fortune? Through a collaboration with United Fiber & Data, WhyFly will bring Awesome Internet — simple, affordable and accessible — to York City business owners and residents in mid-2019.


  Business internet service packages (with speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps)

  Flat fee of $55 per month for residential customers

  Free month of internet service when you refer a friend to WhyFly

  No contract, no taxes and no additional fees for internet service

  No equipment rentals

  Real, local human customer service

  Average speed 70/120 Mbps upload and download

“No shenanigans, no gluten,” says Nick Sabean, CRO and CMO of WhyFly. “Our installers and our support crew will be from the community — local people helping local people.”

Tell WhyFly where you want service. Go to WhyFly.com/york or call 844-4WHYFLY.


1. Fiber-optic cable is installed in basements and towers around York.

2. The cable is extended to the roof where it feeds WhyFly’s distribution antennas.

3. A 5-inch antenna is neatly installed on your home.

4. A data cable is neatly run from the antenna to the home entry point.

5. The data cable typically goes through your existing cable entry.

6. The wire is terminated and the power supply is installed in a normal outlet. WhyFly sets up a WhyFly-approved router* and runs a wireless survey throughout your home or office.

*WhyFly delivers high-speed internet via AirFiber technology and managed fiber. AirFiber technology enables WhyFly to deliver a faster, more reliable connection at a fraction of the cost with more value. Hiring great local people enables WhyFly to deliver a better customer experience.


How will WhyFly make its own big impact on small businesses in York?

“Big internet owns your internet, and WhyFly is giving it back! When people spend less on necessities like internet, they spend more on growing their business.”

Mark Thompson, CEO & Co-Founder, WhyFly; Mike Palita, COO & Co-Founder, WhyFly

  • 210 YORK ST., SUITE 250 YORK, PA 17403
  • 717.724.1355