Revitalization with Real Estate: The Ultimate Small Business

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What offers tax advantages, no startup costs and no inventory to control? “Real estate investing remains the best small business to invest in and continues to offer opportunities not found elsewhere,” claims CGA Law Firm Attorney Frank Countess.

He cites the following reasons:

Tax advantages: Depreciation offsets income and returns tax dollars. The 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange enables real estate investors to roll the profits that they make from an investment property into a new property to avoid that year’s capital gains taxes. Additional tax advantages include deductions for property acquisition costs, mortgage interest, maintenance expenses and property insurance.

Resistance to inflation: When property prices rise, your investment is worth more.

No startup costs: You won’t face expensive overhead costs with real estate investing.

No inventory: If you maintain inventory in the form of rental properties, you receive a cash flow each month.

No employees: You don’t need to create a payroll. The people you’ll work with — contractors, attorneys and insurance agents — own their own businesses.

The time to contact a real estate attorney is when you first consider a real estate purchase. For the same cost as a title agent, a CGA real estate attorney offers guidance and represents your best interests throughout the purchase process.

The Redevelopment Authority (RDA) of the City of York is one of many entities that calls upon CGA’s depth of experience in real estate law.

“The Redevelopment Authority works to restore blighted properties in the City of York so that they comply with building codes and advance the city’s plans for development so that they once again become tax-contributing economic assets,” says Nicole Davis, interim director of community and economic development for the City of York. “The Bond is an excellent example of a blighted building that was restored to benefit the neighborhood and city. It provides a venue for events to the immediate and far-reaching community and contributes to the city’s tax base. CGA Law Firm and the RDA share the same bright vision for the City of York.”


How is CGA Law Firm making a big impact with small businesses?

“CGA attorneys provide vital and efficient assistance in almost every aspect of a business from incorporation, contracts and employee matters to intellectual property advice and land use to liability and lawsuits.”

Jeffrey L. Rehmeyer II, President and Co-Chair of the Business and Corporate Law Group, CGA Law Firm

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