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Mediation and Meals: A Facilitation of Flavors

Writer michael vyskocil
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A good restaurant dish is a balance between ingredients and cooking techniques. Like a good chef, a good mediator presents a balance of ingredients — careful listening and effective communication — to reach a resolution-oriented outcome.

As members of CGA Law Firm’s mediation team, attorneys Rees Griffiths and Jack M. Hartman together with former judges John C. Uhler and John S. Kennedy combine experience and respect for all parties to achieve a compromise resolution.

John C. Uhler

“An effective mediator is a listener who is skilled in identifying the real issues between the parties, enjoys the confidence of the parties or encourages collaborative problem solving. My approach to mediation is often driven by the nature of the problem and the parties whereupon a pulse is taken as to the parties’ expectations.”

Jack M. Hartman

“As a mediator, you have to help the parties get past the emotions involved and focus them on the point of mediation — to reach a compromise resolution that will involve one side paying a little more than they want to and the other receiving a little less than they hoped for. The parties always need a little time to vent their position. I encourage that so everyone knows what is at stake.”

John S. Kennedy

“My approach is to be more of a facilitator, to help the parties  identify their issues and jointly come up with solutions. When a mediation is successful, the mediator finds himself sitting at the table observing the parties discussing how to resolve their issues.”

Rees Griffiths

“An effective mediator deserves the respect of the parties because of his or her knowledge and experience of the subject matter, is genuinely independent and unbiased, and is perceived to be such by both parties. I try to hear the parties out and communicate fairly the substance of each side’s views to the other while preserving confidentiality as requested.”

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