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Empowering Learning Transforming Lives Through Literacy: York County Literacy Council

Writer Michael Vyskocil
Photographer John Williams

Empowerment through education…. For more than 40 years, the York County Literacy Council (YCLC) has transformed thousands of lives by leading the collaborative effort to achieve a 100% literacy rate in York County. The YCLC teaches literacy skills, in English, to empower adults for successful engagement in the home, workplace, and community.

In doing so, the YCLC directly impacts the work of local businesses—filling a void between potential employees and potential employers. Through efforts of a dedicated staff and more than 100 committed volunteer tutors, the YCLC works to equip individuals with the literacy skills needed to respond to York County’s workforce needs.

Contributing to York County’s workforce development, YCLC’s Next Step program enlightens adults to occupations available and assists them in setting the pathway to achieve their career aspirations. For employers who are facing language communication challenges, YCLC also offers Literacy in the Workplace services with customized curriculum to meet the needs of companies and their employees. Contact Kim Swindle, Adult Programs Manager, for more details.

Anna immigrated to the United States from Ukraine. While she possesses a master’s degree in computer science and English from a Ukraine-based educational institution, her academic credentials are not equivalent to U.S. educational credentials. With support from the YCLC, Anna was able to attain her GED. She is currently enrolled as a full-time student at HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, pursuing an associate’s degree in computer science management.

With the YCLC’s help, Dakota is working toward the goal of attaining his GED. “Coming to the York County Literacy Council has made me feel better knowing I’m on the right path,” he says.

“I just moved to this country about 10 months ago, and the York County Literacy Council was one of the first places I went to for help because I didn’t know English very well,” says Melissa, who is currently taking ESL advanced classes and recently passed the Pre-CNA class. This preparatory class supports students interested in an accredited CNA course or employment in the health care field.

YCLC continues to focus on exploring and establishing relationships with local businesses, educational institutions, nonprofit human service agencies, and faith-based organizations to expand adult educational opportunities.

In response to COVID-19, York County Literacy Council has acquired everything they need to sustain operations and provide literacy services to their students. “While there is much uncertainty, we are adapting fast to our changing reality. YCLC classrooms look very different than they did six months ago, as we deliver literacy services via digital instruction. We have built a solid foundation of programming that will not be dismantled by this pandemic,” says Bobbi Anne DeLeo, Executive Director, York County Literacy Council.

After addressing food and housing needs, the services YCLC provides are essential to those left most vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic. York County Literacy Council empowers adults with the literacy skills vital to increasing self-sufficiency. Adult literacy education will remain an important part of our state’s road to economic recovery. The work of the York County Literacy Council is more important now than it ever was before.


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“The York County Literacy Council is in the business of empowering adults with literacy skills to improve their educational and employment opportunities. Our donors and volunteers invest in our mission. Together we provide the resources needed for our neighbors, families, and friends to take their next steps to a more productive future.”
— Bobbi Anne DeLeo, Executive Director, York County Literacy Council

york county literacy council
  • 800 E. King St. York, PA 17403
  • 717.845.8719