Crafting a Culture of Cheesemaking in York County

Writer michael vyskocil
Photographer Eric Forberger


Italy beckons travelers to explore its people, culture and cuisine.

For David and Rynn Caputo, Italy introduced them to the traditions of authentic Italian cheesemaking. After traveling across 20 regions of Italy, learning about and tasting cheeses along the way, the couple decided to take their culinary interests in caseiculture (cheesemaking) and turn it into a business.

Founded in 2011, Caputo Brothers Creamery  — named after the couple’s sons Giovanni and Matteo — began inside a 200-year-old York County stone farmhouse.  Here, David and Rynn began making cheeses using traditional Italian techniques and milk from southcentral Pennsylvania family-owned dairy farms.

“We are the only cheesemaker in the country that creates the fermented curds that can be stretched to make fresh mozzarella cheese,” Rynn explains. “Our fresh CapoMozz uses real culture and high-quality milk.” The ideal balance in acidity between the culture and milk creates cultured cheese curds that can be hand stretched in the kitchen.

As the Caputos began selling their cheeses beyond local farmers markets to customers in areas such as New York City, they needed both a larger production facility and the legal support to grow their business. David and Rynn secured both their current home for Caputo Brothers in Spring Grove and the legal services of Attorney Margaret “Mieke” Driscoll and CGA Law Firm.

“We have used CGA Law Firm for literally all aspects of our business, from copyrights, trademarks and HR documentation to legal items related to our business structure,” Rynn says. “They’re part of our family, and they make us feel like we’re a part of their family.”

Family is something that Caputo Brothers strives to build through its farm table dinners, culinary tours to Italy and its La Tavola retail shop. “In Italy, there’s a distinct sense of community,” David explains. “In every town, people connect with one another, and that’s what we’re trying to do with our customers by sharing our products and our knowledge of traditional Italian cooking. We’re creating a very connected experience.”


Whats Your Flavor?

“Our flavor is buttery and tangy. True cultured mozzarella will give you that buttery, tangy experience on your palate.”

—  Rynn Caputo, Founder and Co-Owner, Caputo Brothers Creamery

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