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All Together Now: Yoga Nourishes Body, Mind and Soul

Writer michael vyskocil
Photographer Eric Forberger

What are you most hungry for in life? Yogis seeking their own form of nourishment — body, mind and soul — find it at House of Yoga, downtown York’s donation-based yoga studio.

Moms seeking awareness and connectedness have that opportunity to honor themselves and celebrate the joy of parenthood through founding teacher Rita Whitney’s Yoga Mamma and Family Free Flow class. “The practice is for the parents, but we’re surrounded by toys and snacks for the babies,” she says. “We bring them along into the practice at times to keep them engaged. It fills my heart up to see moms connecting with others who have similar values.”

Like movement, meditation offers something essential for body and soul. “For me, meditation provides vital insight and feedback into the places I’ve been expending energy unwisely,” adds founding teacher Jason Konopinski. “Awareness trains your mind to what has otherwise been ignored. We can’t feed or nourish what we don’t first see.”

Nourishing the potential from within is what Jackie Dahlheimer — House of Yoga owner and teacher — offers through life coaching. “Life coaching is about hearing what my clients want to manifest for their lives and drawing their attention to what is working and not working,” she says. “It’s listening deeply and giving them a sounding board to uncover what they do want and helping them learn how to get it for themselves.”

Reiki also supports a nourishing of the body by transferring a warm, soothing flow of energy into the body. Reiki practitioner Elizabeth Shorten Hinegardner stresses that while Reiki is not a religion, it can help promote spiritual growth and help reduce stress and anxiety, foster a sense of well-being, strengthen the immune system and increase the ability to handle life’s challenges with renewed calmness and clarity.

Find your nourishment at House of Yoga.

Take what you need.

Give what you can.


The House is expanding its home. Follow House of Yoga on social media to stay up-to-date on the details.

House Of Yoga
  • 19 W. Market St. York, PA 17401
  • 717.793.2393
House Of Yoga
  • 19 W. Market St. York, PA 17401
  • 717.793.2393