This is YRK Magazine Signing Off!

Story by Marley Dahlheimer for YRK Magazine

YRK Magazine is the foundation for LUMI Marketing & Creative. What started as a small quarterly publication has evolved into something so much bigger. It’s because of this magazine and community that we started our creative agency. 

This magazine allowed us to fall in love with storytelling and everything that goes along with it. Because of YRK Magazine we were able to hone in our creative skills. From graphic design to styling photography, our skillset grew and grew with each publication. It was only a matter of time before advertisers started to turn to us for other additional creative needs and from there LUMI Marketing & Creative was born. 

YRK Magazine has been a privilege to produce for downtown York for the last 10 years. However it’s time for LUMI Marketing & Creative to pursue new adventures. We will always appreciate and cherish our time with YRK Magazine and we will continue to support and celebrate the amazing accomplishments of downtown York and beyond. 

We fondly refer to YRK Magazine as the little magazine that could. It changed the narrative of downtown York, it highlighted the community and boasted proudly about the good that York county has to offer.

In summary, we feel our work is complete, we did what we set out to do. Our goals were to change the perception of York, PA both locally and regionally, position York as a desirable place for students, young adults and entrepreneurs, and spotlight small businesses across the county. We’ve been a driving force in the changes York has experienced over the last 10 years. Now it’s time for us to take on a new mission: helping small businesses and nonprofits grow and further their own missions. YRK Magazine showed us how to engage a community, identify opportunities for storytelling, and change perspectives. We’ll continue to do this with each business we help launch or transform. 

Please keep in touch & follow along on Lumi’s journey on social media, you’re going to see what we do next!


The LUMI Marketing & Creative Team

04 Apr