3 Reasons to Cater Your Next Event with Revival Social Club

Story by Marley Dahlheimer for YRK Magazine

In a post covid world, getting together with friends and loved ones is stressful enough. Allow yourself to enjoy the party planning process and consider enlisting a team of people with a passion for food and events to cater and/or host your next party. Of course, finding trustworthy people to help you execute your event can be tough. Luckily, Revival Social Club is here to cater your next holiday, birthday, or corporate event; and, their library is the perfect gathering place for up to 40 of your guests.

Here’s 3 reasons Revival Social Club should cater your next event:

1) A team of professional and inspired people at your disposal-

A good caterer is in the business of creating experiences that allow people to connect over a meal. Revival Social Club’s caterers and event planners have a distinct passion for this job. Their attention to detail and willingness to put in the extra effort ensures that you’ll have a party everyone will remember. They’re here to bring your vision to life!

2) You can create a custom menu- 

Working with a caterer gives you the opportunity to create a menu that everyone will enjoy. Revival Social Club’s chef, Robert Ayala and their culinary team are able to customize a menu and their options are almost limitless. Although, the restaurants’ staples (like our favorite, the general tso’s cauliflower) can also be brought to the table! Their focus on fresh produce and taking an inviting approach to globally inspired food shines through in every dish that they make. Revival’s creativity doesn’t end with food though, their skilled mixologists can also help create your own signature cocktails!

3) You’re able to enjoy your party

An established caterer is able to take the weight off of your shoulders. Revival Social Club has been a staple restaurant in Downtown York for years. And, if there’s 2 things they know it’s good food and how to provide a fun atmosphere. By letting Revival’s experienced team handle all the minute details, you can sit back and enjoy your party. Not to mention, they’ll even handle the least exciting part of any party… the clean up!

23 Mar