Naked Chick Art: Art in the Raw

Story by Michael Vyskocil for YRK Magazine

Inside the Central Market House in downtown York, you’ll find Naked Chick Art. Owned by Suzanne Rende, Naked Chick Art is an artist collective that offers “raw” art of all types available for sale. “Raw’ means handmade artwork and pieces that are created using natural, repurposed, reclaimed and upcycled items,” Suzanne explains. Naked Chick Art’s goal is to bring quality “raw” art to the public by providing exposure in a prime location at a low cost to the artisan.

Naked Chick Art’s Beginnings

“I really was looking to start selling my paintings that were piling up at home,” Suzanne says as she reflects on the inspiration that led to the creation of Naked Chick Art.

She conceived of the idea to rent a few pop-up stands at Central Market and other art-related fairs and festivals. Suzanne considered the idea of having a permanent stand in Central Market and decided to pursue that vision. Having the stand in Central Market allows Suzanne to continue her passion of art and paint murals at home since the market is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Downtown foot traffic is a huge benefit, a reason that convinced her to give Naked Chick Art a home in the market. The Naked Chick Art stand has been doing well since it opened in May 2018, and Suzanne has already been able to expand and double the size of her space.

When you stop by and visit with Suzanne, you’ll find not only her art, but art created by community members, her friends and family members. Explore Naked Chick Art at Central Market York and discover a diverse collection of art in the raw.

Naked Chick Art at Central Market

34 W. Philadelphia St.

York, PA 17401



10 Mar