Senior class members of 2017-2018 York Youth Symphony Orchestra: L to r: Emma Steinauer, Katelyn Herrin, Juliana Rhinehart, Malaysia Billman, Lexi Zambito, Lucas Sherman, Noah Dekker, Jacob Hebel, Justin Field, Claire Barley, Kiera Clifford, Isabelle Myers, Andrew Trembly, Sarah Stager, Aaron Scofield, Isaac Sattazahn, Ryan Shuey. Photography by Scott Miller

Young York County Musicians Take the Stage Together 

Story by Lizz Dawson for YRK Magazine

For the first time ever, the York Junior Symphony Orchestra (YJSO) and York Youth Symphony Orchestra (YYSO) will be combining their musical talents for an afternoon of celebration, Sunday, May 6, 2 p.m., at The Pullo Center.

The orchestras feature students from all over York County. YJSO includes students from grades 6 through 8 and YYSO highlights high school students. Often, the musicians move from the Junior Orchestra into the Youth Orchestra as they get older. Robert Brooks III, President of the Board of Directors of YYSO, says that the orchestras provide an outlet for the students to access their talents, as well as a platform to showcase them to the community. “There’s a need [for the orchestras] because we have such talented students that have the ability to excel beyond their schools and shine.”

While the orchestras typically hold separate concerts, this event will have roughly 200 young instrumental musicians on stage together to celebrate the York Junior Symphony Orchestra’s 50th year and the York Youth Symphony Orchestra’s 60th anniversary.

“These events are important because music programs are always in a precarious state with funding, and this event can shine a light on the importance of the arts. The incredible talent of the students should be highlighted. There are amazing students that need a chance to shine, and we want to give them a chance to do that,” he says.

Visit The Pullo Center’s website to purchase tickets. The cost is $15 for balcony or orchestra seating.

27 Apr