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The Buzz Around Community Banking

Writer Michael Vyskocil
Photographer Eric Forberger

The experience of keeping bees and harvesting honey not only helps the environment by ensuring the pollination of trees, plants, flowers and vegetables, but it also offers an in-depth look at one of nature’s most fascinating creatures. Indeed, backyard beekeeping is enjoying a resurgence. No one knows about this experience better than the beekeepers of York Traditions Bank.

Kevin Schreiber, president and CEO of the York County Economic Alliance and member of the bank’s Board of Directors, started keeping bees after participating in a beekeeper incubator class taught by Mark Gingrich of the Horn Farm Center for Agricultural Education in York. Today, Schreiber cares for a colony of bees who call his downtown York backyard home. 

“Over one-third of the food we consume daily relies upon pollination by bees,” he says. “Sadly, because of humankind’s impact on our earth, the bee population is in decline. Backyard beekeeping is one small way to help the humble bee propagate, pollinate and keep us fed.”

Other “Y-T-Bee-ers” include Senior Deposit Operations Specialist Julie Wolf, Senior Mortgage Partner Fiona Eyster,  Community Engagement Coordinator Kristen Dempwolf and Hanover Market Executive Michael Kelly. All agree they’ve gained appreciation and respect for bees and their role in nature’s ecosystem.


“Beekeeping provides a daily reminder of how fascinating nature is,” Wolf shares. “A honeybee colony is a new world to explore, learn from, and enjoy!”

“It has been said that the honey bee is considered one of the most important sustainers of the world’s ecosystem,” Kelly says. “Without them, entire populations would diminish in a few short years, including humans.”

“The thing I love most about bees is how they work together,” Dempwolf adds. “No one bee can do the work of a colony, just like no one person can exist without community.” 

The parallels between beekeeping and community banking are virtually synonymous — working toward a common goal, knowing that community is important to survival and understanding that everyone has an important role to play. 

“York Traditions Bank associates take seriously the slogan ‘Because We Live Here Too,’” Schreiber notes. “Because they live in York County (YoCo) and dine in YoCo, they keep bees in YoCo to ensure YoCo’s agricultural success.”


What makes York a maker community?

“Just like bees, York residents and business owners know the value of hard work. They realize that with perseverance, determination, and teamwork, anything is possible and you just need to stay focused on the task.”

— Fiona Eyster, Senior Mortgage Partner, York Traditions Bank

York Traditions Bank
  • 226 Pauline Drive York, PA 17402
  • 717.741.1770