The Art of Achieving Work-Life Harmony

Writer Michael Vyskocil
Photographer John Williams


Strumming the strings of “Shelva Jean,” Kevin Smith coaxes chords from his cherished musical instrument. His home music studio offers Smith a pleasant retreat from his York-based practice Smith Wealth Advisory Group of Janney Montgomery Scott LLC, one that allows him to create harmony within a work-life balance.

Smith recalls the starter guitar kit he received as a gift from his wife Anne 20 years ago. After taking beginner lessons for about a year, he put down his guitar to focus on a career transition. A few years passed before Smith decided he’d try playing again. A snapped guitar string all but ended his musical aspirations until 2017, when Anne got his guitar restrung as a surprise. His passion for his six-string was renewed once more.

As he cradles his guitar, Smith says that the hours he devotes to practicing are fueled by the same level of attention and focus he applies to managing his practice and serving his clients. The time he spends in the studio also leads him closer toward his personal goal to play in a band.

“Whether you have personal or financial ambitions, it’s the process of working toward such aims that is most rewarding,” he says. “Although in financial planning the focus tends to be on the ultimate goal, the most crucial part is having a plan to achieve it. We often overlook the importance of the journey along the way.”

Through his wealth advisory practice, Smith advises clients on the need to have balance and diversification in their portfolios. So too is the need to create proper balance in one’s personal and professional lives.

“Being too focused in just one area can be problematic if we’re not careful,” he observes. “Everyone needs an outlet from their busy work lives. I’m passionate about making a difference for others in my professional world. Similarly, in my personal life, my passion for music is something others can enjoy as my talent for playing guitar develops.”

Achieving balance with your wealth, career and personal life creates the harmony that can enable you to more fully experience life.


How does art inspire you in your work?

“Music is a universal art form that inspires creativity, talent and meaningful experiences. It’s personally gratifying to apply that same level of creativity, innovation and energy toward helping my clients achieve meaningful experiences in their lives.”

—  Kevin Smith, Executive Vice President – Wealth Management, Smith Wealth Advisory Group

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