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Securing York

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Respect, response and reassurance:

Central Pennsylvania deserves exceptional security officer solutions and technologically advanced patrol services. This vision shaped the foundation for Sheepdog Protective Services.

Close to five years ago, security professional Levi French recognized a need to equip a security officer force with a high level of training and technology to respectably serve the security needs of businesses and individuals in the York area. Through steno pad upon steno pad, he outlined ideas of the ideal security officer and service based upon the values of respect, response and reassurance. “I wanted people to feel as though they were calling someone they knew and getting the reassurance that they are safe from harm,” he says.

Part of that feeling of reassurance follows from the high level of training Sheepdog provides its officers. Training involves full courses on Pennsylvania law, investigation and report writing, defensive tactics, use of personal protective equipment, radio communication training and vehicle operations and tactics.

Complementing this high level of training, Sheepdog also uses the most advanced technology available in the security industry. A custom personal safety app connects clients with officers who can perform mobile dispatching and incident response and reporting. Heavy duty–grade Ford Interceptors make up Sheepdog’s marked patrol vehicle response fleet.

The investment in people, tools and technology, French says, sets Sheepdog apart from security service providers in the York area. That investment is lived out each day through Sheepdog’s security personnel and their commitment to ongoing training and dedication to providing peace of mind for the clients they serve.

Looking toward the future for York County and downtown York, French says,

“I see many new businesses and new industries growing. I see entrepreneurs starting their own companies.I want to be the company that people trust and respect, one that people will want to grow with as we grow.”


How is Sheepdog Protective Services making a big impact with small businesses in downtown York?

“It can be difficult for a small business to receive both reliable and affordable security services in York. Being a certified, women-owned small business, Sheepdog provides quality, affordable services to small businesses with immediate results.”

Levi French, Founder, Sheepdog Protective Services

Sheepdog Protective Services
  • 2575 Eastern Blvd., Suite 209 York, PA 17402
  • 717.850.8201