Rich Rewards – A Road Map for Converting Money Into “Wealth”

Writer michael vyskocil
Photographer eric forberger

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.”
— Henry David Thoreau


What’s your purpose? What motivates your passions? How do you wish to experience life?

“When you hear the word ‘wealth,’ money often comes to mind. True wealth, however, has little to do with money,” says Kevin Smith, Executive Vice President – Wealth Management of Smith, Mayer & Liddle, a York-based wealth advisory group of Janney Montgomery Scott LLC. “To me, it’s a state of mind centered upon happiness and contentment. It’s about the memories and experiences you have with family and friends. It’s about finding meaning and purpose, and embracing life for all it has to offer.”

While you may have specific monetary goals in mind, the following road map can offer some general direction on your journey to achieving them while being fully aware of what “true wealth” is all about throughout.

Begin With The End In Mind

Know your destination.  Don’t be afraid to dream and think big!  What do you want your money to accomplish in order to give you the most gratification and satisfaction?

Plan Your Route

Develop a road map of actionable steps to take to convert your aspirations into reality.

Embrace The Journey!

Identify critical milestones along your path and celebrate successes.  Reward yourself at crucial turning points. Don’t forget to enjoy the “scenery” along the way!

Consult a Financial Advisor to be Your GPS

A good advisor like Smith, Mayer & Liddle can help you avoid common roadblocks, keep you focused, and make prudent adjustments on your route as necessary.

You’ve Arrived!

Appreciate the fulfillment from achieving life’s “Great Goals.” Savor the memories and experiences, the lives touched, and the meaningful difference you’ve made on the journey of life.

Defining your own meaning of wealth begins with setting goals and seeking advice from the financial advisory team of Smith, Mayer & Liddle. “When we advise our clients, we help them determine what they want their money to do for them,” says Holly Mayer, a co-founding partner in the group.

True wealth, she adds, is about making an impact, regardless of whether those impacts are artistic and creative, business and entrepreneurial, or charitable and philanthropic. “Being wealthy is much more than being ‘rich.’ We are grateful for the opportunity to have made our passion our vocation and to help others use their monetary resources in ways that are most meaningful to them.” 

In the minds of the financial professionals of Smith, Mayer & Liddle, being wealthy is less about the riches and more about experiencing the richness of life itself.

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smith, mayer & liddle
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