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Makers of Weddings in the Orchards

Writer Michael Vyskocil
Photographer Eric Forberger

Love abounds in the beauty of nature and the bounty of a harvest. This year, a beloved York County orchards and farm market attraction is giving couples a new venue to begin their appley-ever after together.

Last fall, Brown’s Orchards & Farm Market in Loganville broke ground on a new wedding venue that overlooks the orchards. These orchards have provided the fruits that have allowed this family-owned and operated business to grow from a roadside produce stand into a well-recognized York County destination. Booking for the venue began last year; Brown’s encourages individuals to inquire about available dates for 2020 and beyond.

When it opens this spring, the Brown’s wedding venue will accommodate up to 150 guests and includes spaces for the ceremony, reception and ADA-accessible restrooms. Additionally, Brown’s is converting a building adjacent to its property on South Main Street into an “Appley-Ever After House.” This building will host bride and grooms quarters for the wedding party.

The creation of this weddings in the orchards experience builds upon the culinary and hospitality expertise of the Brown’s staff who provides catering services, favors, hotel welcome gifts and wedding cakes.

Brown’s President Mary Brown says the idea for this weddings venue was talked about by her late husband, Dave, and his mother, Nona. “We are excited to help create special memories for our wedding couples that include the gorgeous views of the orchard and the warm feelings that folks associate with a visit to Brown’s.”

The legal support of Attorney Timothy J. Bupp and CGA Law Firm, Brown says, has given her and her employees the legal advice this family business has needed throughout the years—from understanding municipal business regulations to business succession plans and HR functions. “CGA is family friendly and is part of our family and our team,” Brown adds. 

With the opening of its new wedding venue, Brown’s Orchards & Farm Market carries on its commitment to cultivating home-grown excellence in southern York County.


What makes York a maker community?

“The York community has people who take pride in their hard work, relationship building and supporting the goodness and kindness of human beings. Our own employees are representative of the idea that we carry on, keep growing, embrace change and keep surviving.”

  Mary Brown, President, Brown’s Orchards & Farm Market

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  • 135 N. George St. York, PA 17401
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