Listeners, Educators and Innovators: The People of Print-O-Stat

Writer michael vyskocil
Photographer Eric Forberger

Committed to supporting customers as an extension of their operations, the employees of Print-O-Stat are listeners, educators and innovators. Their service to industries from design and engineering to retail and construction spans more than 65 years. Throughout these decades, small businesses and corporations alike have relied on the professionals of Print-O-Stat to be their solutions partner.

Founded by Russell E. Horn, Sr. in 1954, the company’s unique name was to remind, as it still does, its team to take care of customers quickly and professionally.

Through three generations, Print-O-Stat has grown exponentially over the years from its humble beginnings in a garage to a multi-divisional organization with 11 locations throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia. Along with printing, Print-O-Stat has five additional divisions: Signs, Graphics and Promotional Items; Scanning and Archiving Services; Wide Format Machine Sales and Service; Geospatial Solutions and Software Solutions.

President Russ Horn continues the family’s legacy as a tight-knit working environment. “With a people-focused approach to customer service,” says Russ, “Print-O-Stat’s team of designers, equipment technicians and software specialists treat every customer as if they are a family member or close friend.”

“Our main goal is to educate our customers and help them find the best solution that fits their business,” says John Horn, vice president of marketing, “and we’re always adapting to how technology is changing. Our partnerships with our customers hold strong, and as our customers and their businesses evolve, we evolve with them.”

That sense of care for customers also connects with Print-O-Stat’s dedication to building up the York community by contributing to many philanthropic causes. “York is our home,” says Silvia Dugan, chairwoman of the board and CEO of PACE Resources Inc., and former president of Print-O-Stat. “It’s important for us to be involved and do things in support of our community.”

With the fourth generation starting their careers in the company, you can be certain that Print-O-Stat will continue to bridge the gap between people and technology to ensure decades of POSitively Outstanding Service™.


How is Print-O-Stat making its own big impact on small businesses in York?

“Working with businesses on a personal, consultative basis, we provide the tools that help them grow.”

Russ Horn, President, Print-O-Stat

  • 1011 W. Market St. York, PA 17404
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  • 1011 W. Market St. York, PA 17404
  • 717.854.7821