Her Traditions, Next Edition: York Traditions Bank

Writer Michael Vyskocil
Photographer Eric Forberger (taken at Martin Library)

Her Traditions, Next Edition

Dream big. Write your own narrative. Gain confidence to take charge of your financial future.
Since its story began in 2002, York Traditions Bank has been a resource to help relationship-minded women build financial confidence. During her service to York Traditions Bank as a managing director, Carolyn Schaefer led the development of Her Traditions to acknowledge that every woman has a unique relationship with money.

Her Traditions invites women to strengthen their financial knowledge without intimidation and judgment. This work is accomplished through events and speakers, educational seminars, engaging tools such as online surveys, and ongoing training for its staff. As the narrative unfolds, more and more local women gain a better understanding of their financial strengths and challenges as they network, learn, have fun, and give back to their communities.

Carolyn’s legacy has set the stage for the next chapter of Her Traditions under the leadership of recently appointed director Nicole Shaffer. Schaefer and Shaffer are no relation, but they are like-minded in their passion for the advancement of women. Nicole comes to York Traditions Bank from the United Way of York County, where she served as vice president of development and communications.

“Women may want to avoid conversations about finances because they don’t feel they are experts. Her Traditions helps women overcome this fear,” Nicole Shaffer says. “We take down the barriers to communication. This program works with every woman on her own personal journey.”

Turning the page on a new decade, Her Traditions continues to host annual events and conduct a yearly scholarship program for young women with the potential to become future York County community leaders.

“I’m delighted to have Nicole on board,” remarks Carolyn, who remains as Her Traditions founder and champion. “She has great ideas about how we can expand the depth and reach of this initiative. It’s more than just finances. We’re building confidence in women by building a network of women who support one another.”

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How has the York community supported the growth of the York Traditions Bank women’s initiative?
“As area women are engaged, inspired and enriched through their experiences with Her Traditions, they share their stories with their colleagues and friends. Our growth has been organic and authentic. We owe it all to the remarkable women of this community.”
— Carolyn Schaefer, Founder and Champion, Her Traditions

York Traditions Bank
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York Traditions Bank
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