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Global Dining in the Dining Room

Writer Rachel Curry
Photographer John Williams

Paella. Yuca fries. Cajun gumbo. Jollof.

These dishes may have different cultural roots, but the Ndjee family has mastered them all. Originally from Cameroon, the Ndjee’s call York home—and so does their food business Neilly’s Foods.

“We’re all about providing healthy, convenient, affordable meals,” says mom-in-charge Julie Ndjee.

Years ago, Julie had trouble finding packaged foods without a bunch of additives, so she decided to make her own brand. “You’d have so many additives that were put in there, so I decided to start making it,” she says. “Once it started, it seemed to have taken off.”

Originally, Julie started a business called Ultimate Seasonings. By 2012, that startup blossomed into the healthy, affordable, easy-to-prepare meals that Neilly’s customers know today.

Julie’s apt for food comes naturally. Her mother runs Global Cafe, a staple of the Central Market House in York—where the jambalaya rice and fried plantains are not to be missed.

The Ndjee’s named Neilly’s Foods after their daughter. By Julie’s account, Neilly is the pickiest eater in the family, so it’s an honest fit.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Neilly’s Foods sales rose—given the easy at-home nature of their products—but the ever-growing business did have some trouble with supply. Rolling with the punches, they switched up their packaging and found ways to acquire the quality rice their customers were used to.

What started as a seedling in south central Pennsylvania is now a nationwide affair. Aside from their website, Neilly’s sells their global-inspired products in select Giant, Kroger, Publix and Weis stores, as well as all Whole Foods across the country.

“But we’re very cautious about our growth,” Julie adds. “We want to maintain our quality.”

Next up for Neilly’s Foods is a venture into sauces like spicy pesto and tomato balsamic. They’re healthy, with no added sugar or preservatives. The Ndjee’s expect them to be available by Thanksgiving.

Regardless of what new concoction she’s working on, Julie’s intentions remain the same.

“As a mom, I want customers to be able to have a good, delicious meal at home without having to break the bank.”

Neilly's Foods
  • 75 ACCO DRIVE YORK, PA 17402
  • 717.428.6431