Give A Meal, Help Families in Need This Holiday Season

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The holidays are a time for celebration as we gather around our tables to share good food and great company. But for thousands of families in York County, this celebration is hindered by a lack of food to prepare a holiday meal. Through its Give-A-Meal Program, the York County Food Bank helps families unable to purchase a traditional meal so that they can share the joy of the holiday season with family members and friends.

Michael Fox, development and communications coordinator for the York County Food Bank, explains that the Food Bank aims to work with all school districts and private schools for the Give-A-Meal program, which began in 2015. Participating schools collect nonperishable food donations. School districts identify families within the school community in need of a holiday meal; all Give-A-Meal recipients remain completely anonymous, he says.

Once the schools conclude their food drives, Food Bank staff and volunteers sort the collected items and assemble meal boxes. The Food Bank provides additional items to the meal boxes and includes a full-size holiday turkey. These boxes are then sealed and returned to the schools for distribution. “Each year, over 100 volunteers work with the Food Bank to ensure the success and timeliness of the program,” Fox adds.

Last year, the Food Bank distributed close to 1,400 holiday meal boxes. This year, it aims to provide 1,600 full meal boxes to ensure that all families in need of a holiday meal can receive one this season.

“We strongly believe that everyone deserves to have a quality holiday meal to share with family and friends,” he adds.

To learn more or donate to the Give-A-Meal program, please visit or call 717.846.6435. Help make this holiday a season of celebration for families in need across York County.

This story for the York County Food Bank is sponsored by United Fiber & Data. 


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Michael Fox, Development and Communications Coordinator, York County Food Bank

york county food bank
  • 254 W. Princess St. York, PA 17401
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york county food bank
  • 254 W. Princess St. York, PA 17401
  • 717.846.6435