Firing Creativity With Legal Support

Writer michael vyskocil
Photographer John Williams

One spark can ignite a fire burning at temperatures reaching 2,400 degrees. One spark can also kindle an idea that takes raw materials and turns them into works of art.

In 1999, Robert Gordon established the Kiln Firing Studio with one massive wood kiln that could hold up to 1,000 pieces of pottery. Since then, he has expanded his offerings to include an electric kiln for bisquing, a gas kiln for utilitarian pottery and a Noborigama kiln for salt- and soda-style firing.

Robert is also currently constructing a workshop studio (pictured). Once finished, the studio will provide throwing wheels, a pugmill and a slab roller as well as sleeping quarters for those tending to the wood fires around the clock during firing.

“It gives me a good feeling to make use of the best land, resources and materials,” he says. “I see the joy that using these kilns brings to artists. Watching people create their art gives me a feeling of satisfaction.”

Just as the services that Robert is able to offer artists has grown over the years, so have the services that CGA Law Firm is able to offer its clients. CGA Law Firm began in 1967 with one attorney specializing in domestic law. Today, the department has four attorneys and two paralegals.

Like the artisans who fashion their ceramics, pottery and stoneware pieces, the Family Law team at CGA Law Firm uses creativity and innovation to develop solutions that are satisfactory to opposing parties in areas such as guardianship, PFAs, prenuptials, divorce and support. Like the artisans, the attorneys try to take care of matters before temperatures rise excessively.

The Gordon family and the team at CGA Law Firm support the work of nonprofits such as Creative York and the York Art Association (pages XX–XX). These organizations, and many more like them, are dedicated to helping creators and makers across York County not just make it — their works of art, that is — but thrive in York’s creative culture.


What Is a Creator and Maker?

“A creator is someone who brings something new into being or puts a new idea into action.”

— Tom O’Shea, Chair of the Family Law Group, CGA Law Firm

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