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Fall Into Your Spring Beauty

Writer michael vyskocil
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Seasonal shifts signal a time for refreshment and renewal. But nature isn’t the only place where preparations for next spring’s beauty are beginning.

Autumn is the ideal time to prep your skin for a beautiful you next year. Megan Dalton — medical aesthetician and owner of Blossom Med Spa in York — and her staff invite you to take time during these autumn months to focus on your skin.

If you’re struggling to remove unwanted hair from areas that include underarms, bikini line, legs and other areas on your upper or lower body, you may want to consider laser hair removal. In only four to six sessions, four to six weeks apart, you can experience little to no hair growth. While Dalton stresses that laser hair removal works only on hair containing pigment, she emphasizes that the treatment can be used for many skin types and tones.

“It’s a fairly quick process,” she says, “and we target hair in the active growing stage.” With its patented Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD), the Candela laser hair removal treatment uses a cooling burst of cryogen in combination with a laser pulse to ensure that treatments are as comfortable as they are effective.

“My results were amazing and fast.

I started seeing results after my first visit. Not having to shave every day is priceless,” notes April Shipley, a Blossom Med Spa client.

In addition to laser hair removal, chemical peels are another post-summer treatment that can correct pigmentation, sun-damaged skin, melasma and other skin concerns. Eliminate expression lines, fill in scarring and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with injectable Botox and filler treatments.

This autumn, take your cues from nature itself. Fall into your spring beauty with some autumnal skin preparations courtesy of the health and beauty professionals of Blossom Med Spa.


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