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Expert Maintenance for Outdoor Spaces

Writer michael vyskocil
Photographer Eric Forberger

Ideas, materials and ingenuity. Together, these elements combine to transform concepts into creations. When you witness the architecture of a well-designed landscape reflected in patios, pools, garden beds, borders and lawns, you witness the work of the creators and makers of Inch’s Landscaping.

As a complete design and build firm, Inch’s Landscaping unites aesthetics with structure to create inviting outdoor living spaces for people to enjoy. Part of creating that enjoyment means caring for those spaces, and with the Inch’s Landscaping Maintenance Program, homeowners don’t have to go it alone.

“We create these projects in the landscape, and it is our desire to help people ensure these masterpieces look the same [in the future] as they do on day one,” explains Jeff Inch, co-owner of Inch’s Landscaping.

With service offerings covering biannual tree and shrub pruning, weekly mowing, biweekly or monthly weeding, seasonal cleanup and regular lawn treatments, homeowners don’t have to sacrifice large amounts of time to achieve a well-cared-for landscape.

“We bring our on-site experts onto the properties so that we can spot potential problems and make recommendations before they end up costing a lot of time and money to correct,” he says. “It takes regular interaction with a property to keep it looking its best.”

The maintenance program’s two-tiered structure lets homeowners themselves choose the level of involvement they want with their landscapes. That involvement is backed by the support of a team of professionals who dedicate themselves to working with people to preserve the beauty of their landscapes.

“We pride ourselves on longevity and consistency. Many of our employees have been with us over 10 years, so having those individuals working on your property year after year gives you consistent results,” Inch adds.

The next time you admire a cleverly constructed pergola or the patterning of plant material surrounding a garden pond, consider the craftsmanship behind and the maintenance that goes into making these creations works of art in the landscape.


Landscape care doesn’t stop at the end of the growing season. Ask about snow removal, ice treatments and storm damage cleanup services that can complement an Inch’s Landscaping maintenance program.

Inch’s Landscaping
  • 2950 Lewisberry Rd. York, PA 17404
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Inch’s Landscaping
  • 2950 Lewisberry Rd. York, PA 17404
  • 717.755.1565