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gusa by victoria
  • 252 W. Philadelphia St. York, PA 17401
  • 717.324.3725

Embracing Touches of Fashion and Art

Writer michael vyskocil
Photographer Eric Forberger

Through her hands, fabric becomes an expression of emotions. Like a storyteller, she infuses a narrative into material with soul and substance. Fashion and art become one.

For Victoria Kageni-Woodard, the physical act of sewing is a part of the fabric of her being. Cultivated in her childhood home in Kenya, a flair for fashion designing became a way to manifest her creative energies. Those energies are reflected in the distinctive pieces of women’s ready-to-wear clothing she crafts at Gusa by Victoria on West Philadelphia Street in downtown York.

Like a village inside a building, Gusa by Victoria features artists’ works from carvings and jewelry to artwork and home decor.

“This space is what I’ve always wanted — having a building that would house everything that is myself as a creative person,” she says. “I moved into the area at the right time. There is such a burst of energy from everyone around me, and it’s so encouraging to see people take their big steps of faith, and that inspires me to create.”

The ensembles shown here are examples of her work, offering touches of comfort in clothing that can take you from winter to early spring, and office to evening cocktail hour. Earth tones meld with floral patterns and accents of green in a versatile wardrobe arrangement.

With each item she designs, Kageni-Woodard always leaves behind something special:

touch, or in her native Swahili language, “gusa.”

“It really speaks to inviting people to come into my space and be touched by the love that I pour into my work.”


Gusa’s got music in WeCo. Stop in and enjoy free jazz and open mic nights held each month.

gusa by victoria
  • 252 W. Philadelphia St. York, PA 17401
  • 717.324.3725