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Writer Michael Vyskocil
Photographer Eric Forberger

Watching Sharmini Goins in her kitchen is like watching an artist transform a canvas into a creation. Instead of paints, her palette includes spices, natural herbs and blends of her freshly ground rempah, or cooking pastes. Her edible art takes the form of curries, noodle bowls, rendang, sambal and many specialties reflecting her native Malaysian cuisine with modern twists and one-of-a-kind flavor fusions.

Growing up with a mother who encouraged and inspired her love for extraordinary experiences with food, Goins embraced the culinary arts as an outlet for her creativity. A relocation from Baltimore to York prompted her to nourish her entrepreneurial ambitions and create a professional culinary career.

Her first foray into a food profession began with the opening of Sharmini’s Kitchen at Central Market York in 2013. At the market, she introduced customers to the multicultural flavors and foods of Malaysia, such as nasi lemak, matahari achar and mee rebus. Today, Sharmini’s Kitchen has moved beyond Central Market into a full-fledged catering business. She credits the growth of her business to the support of the York community and York Traditions Bank.

“When starting Sharmini’s Kitchen, I was meeting with my tax consultant and he encouraged me to find a local bank to work with,” she says. “What I truly love about York Traditions Bank is that I’m not a number. I’m a name. They believed in me as a business owner and gave me the opportunity to start my own business.”

“We understand what it takes to start a business in York because we did it ourselves over 17 years ago,” says Denton Senft, manager of the White Street branch location. “We’re invested in building relationships with our customers by being a part of every step of their journey in business.”

“As we grow York in its diversity, I know that York Traditions Bank is a part of that diversity,” Goins adds.

“I want my business to represent that diversity, and I want to showcase it through my food.”



Whats Your Flavor?

“It’s fiery and bold. When it comes to food, it means being fearless with flavors. I challenge the community to step outside their comfort zones, be bold and try something new.”

—  Sharmini Goins, Owner, Sharmini’s Kitchen (

york traditions bank
  • 226 Pauline Drive York, PA 17402
  • 717.741.1770