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Create Your Path to Possibility

Writer michael vyskocil
Photographer Eric Forberger

You make decisions, you take risks, you try something new, you step onto the mat and you create your own path to possibility.

Evolution Power Yoga empowers people to shape the most authentic version of themselves. It begins with work in the physical body and expands into all areas of life.

At Evolution, yoga and life aren’t separated, but interrelated. And like life, you don’t have to go it alone in your yoga practice. Evolution’s community is here to support you.

“We enable each person to fill the space and be his or her own creator and maker of that space,” says Lisa Taylor, chief visionary officer for Evolution Power Yoga. “Evoluion is a place where people can have the experience of becoming inherently valuable.”

Tanisha Baker of the East York-Dallastown area began her yoga practice in late 2018. Baker says that Evolution helped awaken ambitions inside her to participate in a yoga practice and ultimately consider teacher training. “Yoga has helped me in my day-to-day activities to stay calm and become a better person. Practicing at Evolution gives you an empowered feeling … everyone is breathing and participating together. Evolution has shown me that anything is possible.”

Francisco Kuljevan’s work-school life puts this new dad through his paces. Through the practice of yoga at Evolution, both he and his wife (an Evolution instructor) can participate in a shared activity they both enjoy plus receive physical and emotional benefits from their practices. The two recently marked the completion of their 100th class together.

“When I consistently practice yoga three or four times a week, I feel calm and good all over. Your body feels relaxed, and you are motivated to take on the day,” he says. “The instructors and students at Evolution Power Yoga are all very friendly, and they’re open to sharing experiences and answering questions.”

Make 2019 the year you exercise your potential as you create your path to possibility.


What Is a Creator and Maker?

“It means taking responsibility for being your own person. Through yoga, you get into your body and what’s real. You gain new insight so that you can look at yourself as uniquely capable of doing something.”

— Lisa Taylor, chief visionary officer, Evolution Power Yoga

evolution power yoga
  • Queensgate Town Center 2093 Springwood Rd. York, PA 17403
  • 717.699.2000