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A Tradition of Community and Connection

Writer Lizz Dawson
Photographer John Williams

Investment in community, close relationships, real solutions, and exquisite service are the foundational traditions upon which York Traditions Bank is built.

Suzanne Becker, Director of Marketing & Communications, explains, “Staying true to our traditions means appreciating the reason for our success: our customers and our community.” To celebrate their 18th Anniversary in October and honor their customers, the bank donated $1,000 a day for 18 days to local nonprofits. This act of giving serves as an extension of the bank’s support throughout the year to hundreds of area organizations that do vital work.

York’s art community has especially captured the attention of York Traditions. Amidst the hardships of 2020, it’s now more imperative than ever for art to be acknowledged and celebrated. “It’s essential for connection, for the exploration of diversity, inclusion, and healing in the community,” Becker says.

It’s no surprise the bank took particular notice to the fantastic work of the accomplished artist, muralist, designer, and lecturer Ophelia Chambliss. Chambliss combines her communications degree with visual art to emphasize connection through communication. From public relations and history to visual rhetoric, her art commemorates and investigates humanity, diversity, and relationships while also prompting necessary, tough conversations.

Her latest project, funded by York’s Cultural Alliance and York Traditions, is part two of her popular installation Contiguous, which featured continuous line drawings painted into portraits of 60 members of the York community to address diversity issues. A live event accompanied the exhibit, where participants asked one another questions to discover how they were all connected.

Contiguous 2 will unite people who just moved to York to those who have lived here their entire lives. The full exhibit at Marketview Arts will take place in April 2021 and will include a virtual meet and discuss event.

“There’s so much need here for people to connect and appreciate each other. Art in itself is the tool that crosses over all boundaries,” says Chambliss. York Traditions Bank is honored to display an early exhibit of Contiguous 2 at their Downtown York branch in November. The portraits are hung in the windows along West Philadelphia Street to create an “outdoor gallery” for the entire community to enjoy.

YRK Perspectives:

How do you feel supported by the York community this year
“York is teeming with hard workers, visionaries, and creative spirits that have risen to meet unprecedented challenges and provide much needed support to the communities we serve. We appreciate all they do, and we are honored that many of them trust York Traditions Bank and Traditions Mortgage with their financial needs.”
— Gene Draganosky, President & CEO, York Traditions Bank

York Traditions Bank
  • 226 PAULINE DRIVE PO BOX 3658 YORK, PA 17402-0136
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