White Rose Bar & Grill
  • 48 N. Beaver St. York, PA 17401
  • 717.848.5369

Celebrating a Downtown Dining Legacy

Writer Michael Vyskocil
Photographer Eric Forberger

It’s an escape from the ordinary dining experience, a gathering place for locals and visitors alike and an intrinsic part of York City’s restaurant scene. This is White Rose Bar & Grill.

From its corner of West Philadelphia and North Beaver streets in downtown York, White Rose has been serving guests from all walks of life for more than 87 years. Today, its management and staff continue to uphold White Rose’s dining traditions while focusing on hospitality for future generations.

Joe Garman, general manager, and Eric Greaney, executive chef, are two of the many dedicated team members committed to excellence and quality from kitchen to bar and from plate to glass.

“White Rose has always been an iconic part of York City,” Garman says. “Being in this industry for as long as I have, when you have an opportunity to join a company like this, you don’t hesitate to do it. We’ve developed incredible talent here, and we surround ourselves with great people.”

Over the years, White Rose interior designer Michael Sell has applied his design creativity to the public dining spaces of White Rose Bar & Grill, Rockfish Public House and White Rose at Bridgewater — all owned by White Rose Restaurant Group. 

“White Rose Bar & Grill has been such a hub of downtown York for so many years. Their driving force is that they always keep striving to make unique experiences for their guests,” he says. Sell’s recent interior design updates in White Rose’s downtown location illustrates this expression of unique experiences with chandeliers, leopard print booth designs and refreshed paint colors.

From happy hours and holidays to special occasions and lunch breaks, the staff members of White Rose Bar & Grill invite you to celebrate its downtown dining legacy with them. 


What makes York a maker community?

“York is all about its history and the people who have made history here. When I think about White Rose Bar & Grill and York City, I think about the people who have made traditions here and who today are moving us forward.”

— Joe Garman, General Manager, White Rose Bar & Grill

White Rose Bar & Grill
  • 48 N. Beaver St. York, PA 17401
  • 717.848.5369