Capturing You – Make Your Headshot Your Personal Brand: JDUB Photography

Writer Michael Vyskocil
Photographer John Williams

Q: What does your headshot say about you?

A: Your digital identity is your personal brand. Whether you’re pursuing a job, selling the deal, or trying to land a date, your headshot speaks volumes about you. YRK Magazine contributor, headshot and commercial photographer John “JDUB” Williams emphasizes that your headshot is your opportunity to make a great first impression.

“Look at your profile pic and ask yourself, ‘Is this the best representation of who I am?’” John says. “Think about how you want to be perceived. Many people want to appear confident and approachable. Does your image reflect this view?”

Q: What makes a great headshot? It’s the photographer. Make sure you can connect with them.

A: People become anxious when they are in front of a camera,” John says. “A great photographer is going to put them at ease and draw out a genuine expression.”

Capturing this authenticity is what John attributes to the success of his business, JDUB Photography. “I love people, and they sense that when they first meet me. They trust me to coach and direct them to the best expression and a headshot worthy of their awesomeness.”

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How has the York community supported the growth of your small business?
“Early in my career, I was blessed with many local creatives wanting to partner with me on my photoshoots. Looking back, I see how the relationships have opened many opportunities for me in York. I am very grateful.”
— John Williams, Owner of JDUB Photography