The Faces Behind AHA

Story by Marley Dahlheimer for YRK Magazine

Photography by Eric Forberger.

If you’re not familiar with Affordable Housing Advocates (AHA), the work they do is likely to pique your interest. Their mission is to enhance the quality of their resident’s lives by promoting, creating, and sustaining affordable housing. AHA’s world changing efforts are reinforced by an all star team of professionals; but, Kim Pritchard is a huge part of the foundation that keeps this house together.

Kim Pritchard is the Resident Service Coordinator of Cloverfield-Kingston House. Kim is a creative, who enjoys crafting and has a passion for music which led her to teaching instrumentation for over 30 years. She also facilitated the care of senior citizens since she began working. Her diverse skill set has helped turn her into a world-class advocate for the public-sector. Although her work keeps her busy and “there isn’t a day that’s the same”, Kim’s creative insight and professional background are some of the many reasons she can find harmony in any situation.

Kim has found stability through her work with AHA; she motivates her residents to search for self-reliance, fosters an environment that residents can find independence in, and supports her residents in every step of their journey. Kim discovers her own freedom in “the numerous hours spent helping residents find their own independence.” It makes her and the team at Affordable Housing Advocates feel as if “there’s nothing they can’t try and solve.”

Kim wears her position as Resident Service Coordinator proudly, with hopes of bringing awareness to those like her who encourage their communities on their journey towards autonomy. 93% of all residents with a service coordinator continue to live in their home which makes their housing 66% less expensive than going into a formal nursing home. Kim hopes that more residences start to integrate a service coordinator component in their facilities because the services they provide are a need.

For any questions regarding affordable housing options visit Applications for all of their locations and information on what they offer to the community are available online.


01 Mar