The Apartment Gallery Opens Doors to Multi-Family Real Estate Investors with Virginia Property Acquisition

Story by Michael Vyskocil for YRK Magazine

Photography Courtesy of The Apartment Gallery

Dedicated to opening doors and creating new opportunities for residential real estate investors, The Apartment Gallery of York, Pennsylvania, has announced a new addition to its property management and investment portfolio: Laketree Manor in Chester, Virginia. With its blend of convenient access to the Richmond metro area and relaxed country-style ambiance, Laketree Manor offers appealing living accommodations just south of the city.  The location, strong rental history and physical condition of the property made for an attractive opportunity for this group of investors supported by The Apartment Gallery.

The Apartment Gallery’s acquisition of Laketree Manor complements its portfolio of over 5,000 apartments, single-family homes, and townhomes in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. Justin Quigley, a partner of The Apartment Gallery, says that The Apartment Gallery is always actively seeking residential rental real estate investment opportunities. Multi-family real estate, he adds, creates further appeal for investors who want to maximize their ROI through a tax-sheltered investment.

Laketree Manor

What Makes Residential Rental Real Estate Investments So Appealing?

Whether you’re an experienced investor or you’re just getting started, residential rental real estate is appealing for many reasons.  Here are a few:

  • Ability to generate an ancillary income stream in addition to your salary without utilizing more of your time.
  • Ability to build equity in a property and use that equity to develop a real estate portfolio.
  • Ability to receive tax-sheltered income from your investment in residential rental real estate.

If you thought an annual bonus or a performance raise was the only source that you could count on to increase your income, think about investing in multi-family residential real estate.

Let’s say you invest in a five-unit residential property. Depending on the specifics of the property and your overall investment strategy, you could expect to receive cash flow of $8,000 or more annually after  paying property expenses, management fees, and debt service, but the key to this plan is hiring a qualified, professional property management company so that your rents are priced at the optimal level and the property is maintained without utilizing significant amounts of your time.

Ability to Build Equity in a Property and Use Equity to Develop a Real Estate Portfolio

Along with generating cash to supplement your income, investing in residential rental real estate has another advantage: building equity. Property improvements such as interior renovations help build equity by allowing for higher rents, thereby increasing the market value of your property. In addition, a portion of rental income received will typically be used to pay down your loan balance. As a residential real estate investor, you can tap into this equity to make additional investments in residential rental real estate and have the ability to receive tax-sheltered income from your investment in residential rental real estate.

Ability to receive tax-sheltered income from your investment in residential rental real estate. This provides a more appealing after-tax return than many other passive investments, like the stock market, for instance.

Residential rental investors typically receive tax-sheltered income on their investments as a result of the combination of leverage and depreciation rules.  This provides a more appealing after-tax return than many other passive investments….like the stock market.

What Should You Do If You Want to Own But Not Necessarily Maintain Residential Real Estate?

Hire a professional property management firm!

Professional property management firms such as The Apartment Gallery can help with all the responsibilities that come with owning residential rental real estate.

From filling vacancies to move-out inspections to 24-hour maintenance support for residents, The Apartment Gallery deploys its team to handle the day-to-day tasks of property management. Justin notes that The Apartment Gallery’s level of attention and service doesn’t merely stop with maintenance alone. With access to investment advisory and entity-level services, investors benefit from The Apartment Gallery’s depth of knowledge, resources, experience with investment identification, long-term strategy and capital planning. The Apartment Gallery’s ongoing examination and reporting of the investor’s assets prove to be a valuable tool when looking at any current or future investments.

Expect more from the professionals of The Apartment Gallery. Contact them at 717-220-8157 to learn more about multi-family residential real estate investment opportunities currently available.

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