Foster’s Flower Shop: Delivering Style and Vibrancy with Floral Arrangements

Story by Kirsten McWilliams for YRK Magazine

Take a stroll down North Beaver Street in downtown York past White Rose Bar & Grill and Central Market, and you’ll come across one of the chicest flower shops that York City has to offer. Your senses will be flooded with the sweetest of aromas and vibrant pops of colors as you walk over the threshold of Foster’s Flower Shop.

Owned and operated by Marcy Almoney, Foster’s Flower Shop has called Beaver Street its home for the past three years. Marcy, the creative behind this successful flower shop, has been in the business of designing and creating floral arrangements for 16 years. Learn more about the origins of this unique flower shop and how it has continued to thrive.

Learning the Flower Business and Facing Adversity

Downtown York is home to many entrepreneurial ideas that have come to fruition, and Marcy’s story is no different. After working in the event industry in Baltimore, Marcy desired to get out of the corporate catering and serving business. Being an avid gardener and befriending the florist who designed floral arrangements for the company she previously worked for, Marcy was inspired to open her own floral business.

With humble beginnings, Marcy opened flower stands at Central Market and the Eastern Market. As any entrepreneur knows, starting your own business means facing adversity at times. “The early years of business weren’t easy as I thought it would be,” she says. “I learned to switch things up over the years.” Marcy learned to be innovative and kept up with trends to keep her business alive.

While growing her business at the market locations, Marcy was approached by shoppers wondering if she made arrangements for weddings as well. Excited by the inquiries, Marcy seized the opportunity to create floral arrangements for weddings and learned as she went. “Timing is everything because traditional weddings were going out of style and custom weddings became the new trend,” she explains.

Why Downtown York?

Three years ago, Marcy was motivated to set up shop in downtown York because of the foot traffic. “Flowers are such an impulse buy,” she says. “We have such a great walk-in business with Central Market and all the other shops around downtown.”

What Inspires Foster’s Floral Creations?

 Taking inspiration from Mother Nature and the outdoors, Marcy designs and creates her floral arrangements with the help of a few freelance creatives and one full-time designer, Stephanie Thompson.

Offering More than Just Flowers

 Marcy sources diverse products from all over the world including places such as Ecuador, Holland, Japan, the West Coast of the United States and Canada. She tries to source as much local product as she can get. Focusing not only on the flowers, Marcy also pays key attention to the vessels that hold her flowers to complete the entire package. Marcy describes them as one of a kind and believes these containers should be great keepsakes after the life of the flowers has come to an end.

Foster’s Flower Shop is not only a go-to place to shop for flowers in downtown York, but it is now offering more gift items such as chocolates, cards and candles — perfect items to accompany any floral gift.

If you’ve been downtown on First Fridays, you know that Foster’s is always hosting fun activities. Stop by the shop the next time you’re attending First Friday. Want to learn how to create your own floral arrangement? Sign up for one of the private wine and design classes Foster’s has available—perfect for a group outing. You can schedule a class for a group of four to 10 students (the cost is $65 per person).

If you’re looking for beautiful floral arrangements for your wedding, event or as a gift for someone, visit Foster’s Flower Shop on North Beaver Street.

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